Q: How quickly will I hear back from Pusher?
A: All submissions have a turnaround time of 3 business days or less (M-F).
Q: If I submit a private link, will Pusher find me a premier for my release?
A: Yes, if your submission gets approved we can arrange a premier.  Keep in mind your desired date might conflict with some of the outlets and publications release schedule.
Q: If my submisson is accepted how long does it take Pusher do my PR?
A: We curate a list of outlets we think are fit for your content.  There is no exact duration… this all depends on the editorial team(s) of the outlets or publications.
Q: How do I know my submission will get placed? How many publications will post it?
A: Before getting placed our A&R’s must first approve your submission. We don’t make any guarantees on which or the number of publications we’ll place for you, but because we have built long and trusting relationships by sending the utmost quality of music tailored to the music outlets tastes.
Q: How old can a submission be that I submit to Pusher?
A: Pusher considers any release from over 30 days or more “Old Music.” You may still submit your content for an expert review from our team of A&R’s, but placing old music is difficult when the media outlets are constantly searching for what’s new.
Q: What if my content is not approved?
A: We encourage you to re-submit content as you continue to create.  Just because our A&R’s passed on one record, does not mean they won’t see placement potential on another.  We value our continued clients and our A&R’s build relationships with familiar faces, which in the past has lead to further opportunities.  The music industry is a political industry.
Q: Who are the people reviewing my music? What does it mean if I received a Broken Link Error?  
A: Pusher is a highly selective community of industry professionals from brand owners, artist managers, music journalist, and influencers alike.
Q: What does it mean if I received a Broken Link Error?
A: If you get a review back from us stating there was a Broken Link Error, then your content submission was either blank or broken.  We do not issue refunds for submissions with broken links, so make sure you double check!