Need a professional press release but running on a tight budget?

Look no further. Pusher will write a press release for any project, EP, single, video, etc.!  Through Pusher’s standard PR service, we create a press release that is entirely your own. This opportunity will provide you with a personal document to pitch to blogs, magazines, and other media outlets.

We will pair you with one of our passionate and attentive Digital Publicists who will interview you for context and work with you through drafting phases until your press release is finished and ready for you to send out to publications of your choosing.

Your Digital Publicist may ask about your personal background (i.e. How you got into music, your inspirations, your other interests) as well as information regarding your content itself (i.e. Who produced/mixed/mastered the records, who shot the video, your intended message or goal). Please specify up front any other subject(s) you wish to cover.

Take a look at an example review below:
Press Release Example
Turn around time: 14 days (Including Weekends)
(Includes time taken for digital Publicist to gather required
 information, draft, and make final edits)
Cost: $25.00
$5 off with valid Entry ID

**Pusher will not include any of its own branding in your custom
press release.**
Press Releases usually run 300-500 words.