Pusher is offering the opportunity to get your video premiered by TRASH, a platform running deep within the culture. With 870,000 subscribers and over 150 million total views, TRASH is attributed to helping build the Youtube presence of many genre-bending Soundcloud artists in the early stages of their career including acts such as Ghostemane, $uicideboy$, DrippinSoPretty, Boyfriendz, and many more. They are known for supporting raw underground acts very early, consistently posting content catering towards anime fans, and sharing content that is pure emotion.

This is your chance to get your next video premiered by TRASH.

Submit your video below. Once the application closes,
Pusher will be reviewing the submissions and selecting winner(s) who standout.
The winner will receive a free TRASH upload.
Artist must have a video ready to premiere.
TRASH is subject to ask for a synchronization license prior to upload.
Application Fee: $5.00
This application will remain open and TRASH will pick one or more winner per month.